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Integration platform from Advantage Group International (AGI)
A NEW AND FRESH APPROACH - Conventional approach to utilizing the latest 1.125 C-Seal integrated sealing platform has been to integrate components on a common plane TEMC is introducing the latest approach in a polarized version... read more

To provide only the most advanced sensing and control technologies for High Purity Fluids in the Semiconductor and Life Sciences industries


TEMC INC. is an American Distributor of High Purity Fluid handling components.

The markets serviced are primarily Semiconductor, OEM equipment suppliers. TEMC’s technical staff assist customers in qualifying fluid delivery applications where critical chemistries are used.

TEMC’s advanced pressure and flow measuring components differentiate us from the competitive field of brands offered in the semiconductor and life sciences industries.

Founded in 2003 with expertise in global logistics and fluid sensor experience, TEMC has grown to become a favored company in the OEM capital equipment arena. TEMC routinely meets the challenges of managing the supply of material to customers during accelerated production ramps.

TEMC provides fast and accurate assessments for customer inventory or engineering needs from any of our locations in Sunnyvale Ca, Reno Nv, and Austin Tx.

Engineering support of Gas Mass Flow Controller sizing or Electronic Pressure Transducer selection, TEMC can satisfy most all critical fluid handling solutions.