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Integration platform from Advantage Group International (AGI)
A NEW AND FRESH APPROACH - Conventional approach to utilizing the latest 1.125 C-Seal integrated sealing platform has been to integrate components on a common plane TEMC is introducing the latest approach in a polarized version... read more

We offer additional services to our clients encompassing engineering/consultancy services, long term and short term maintenance contracts, custom product design and manufacture, and onsite troubleshooting/repair. Our capabilities includes:

  • Digital and Analog Mass Flow Controllers
  • Pressure and Vacuum products
  • Valving, tubing and fittings assemblies
  • Manifolds and cylinder cabinets
  • DeviceNet, LonWorks, RS-485 and general Control and Instrumentation (C&I) support
  • Fluid system design, best practices, installation and maintenance

Send requests for specific models in STEP File format to Request STEP File or call us at 512-990-1431.