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TEMC, Inc. (“TEMC”) shall sell distributed products as authorized by manufacturers to the buyer (“Buyer”) on the following terms and conditions. UPON PLACEMENT OF ANY ORDER, OR ACCEPTANCE OF REPRESENTED PRODUCTS BUYER EXPRESSLY AGREES TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

1.      Prices and Shipment

Unless otherwise stated in writing, all prices are quoted FOB manufacturer’s point of origin.  Buyer is to pay all charges and assume all risk of transportation and insurance from point of origin.  Buyer may select carrier, shipping method and assume the charges on a collect basis or prepay and add basis.  Unless otherwise specified by the buyer TEMC reserves the right to select the carrier and shipment method.  This applies to both domestic and international shipments.  Prices do not include any taxes or duties.

2.    Payment Terms

Preferred payment term for international buyers is prepaid basis via wire transfer.  However, TEMC also accepts letters of credit negotiated on a case by case basis.  Payment terms for Domestic buyers are either prepaid or NET 30 days.   All invoices and amounts due are payable in US dollars.  In the event any proceeding to collect any amount due from Buyer, Buyer will be liable for all collection expense, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees and expenses.

3.     Cancellations

Requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing.  All cancellations are subject to TEMC’s and Manufacturer/Supplier approval.  TEMC, Inc. shall submit Buyer cancellation requests to Manufacturer(s) of record prior to shipment from point of origin.  Products in transit from point of origin are non-cancellable. 

All requests for cancellations are given consideration based on manufacturer’s standard configurations only.  Non-standard products which cannot be re-distributed to the open market as served by TEMC, Inc. shall not be accepted for cancellation.

Any cancellation charges or terms of cancellations for non-standard products purchased by Buyer are subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer of record. 

In the event that a cancellation is accepted, Buyer shall agree to Manufacturer(s) cancelation fees and conditions. 

4.     Delivery / Scheduling

Buyer may expedite scheduled ship date, as determined by the original confirmed order, only with written consent of TEMC. If such consent is given, Buyer shall agree to the applicable expedite fees associated with the expedited order including but not limited to handling, expedited freight, labor and appropriate factory overhead.  Buyer may request adjustments to delivery schedules as determined by the original confirmed order for up to thirty (30) days without penalty.  Requests for delivery changes are limited to once per order and per line item.  Requests to delay scheduled ship dates beyond thirty (30) days are subject to review and or penalties at TEMC’s discretion.

5.     Limitation of Liability


6.     Indemnification
Buyer assumes, upon title being passed to Buyer, all risk, insurable interest and liability for physical loss, damage or injury to persons or property of buyer or others, arising out of the use or possession of TEMC represented products.

7.      Miscellaneous

Neither party will be liable to the other for delays or failures in performance, including late delivery and non-delivery, arising from strikes, fire, war, accident, explosion, acts of God, unavoidable production delays of Distributed Products or any other cause beyond the parties' reasonable control.  All disputes relating to this Agreement will be resolved solely through arbitration pursuant to the then current rules for commercial arbitration of the American Arbitration association unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing.

 8.    Product Warranty

All distributed products as authorized to be represented through TEMC carry manufacturers stated warranty from date of sale to Buyer for the specified term as stated by the manufacturer.